Instructional Audios

As a former stockbroker and financial advisor, I am 100% confident that you can do as good as or a better job investing your own money that any financial guy.  Gone are the days paying a financial guy to a fortune to 'watch' your money.

Many people are anxious about managing their own money and think it's time consuming and difficult but it's neither.  Just imagine how you'd feel knowing the person who cares the most about your money is managing it - YOU!

I have created a series of MP3's to help you learn to invest by yourself and save a fortune in the process.

GETTING STARTED BY YOURSELF - Learn how to set up an account, in person or online.  Which firm is best?  Learn all the do's and dont's, it's alot easier than you think!

DIVERSIFICATION - You hear the word diversification all the time.  Diversify what?  How?  What does it mean to me?  Is it important or just another buzzword?  Only $2.99.