Money, Finance and Investing is Back

Wow, alot of great things happening at Money, Finance and Investing.  So many projects, so little time.  We have decided to go the route of blogspot which we use for How The Investment Business REALLY Works as well, largely because we are finance guys, not technical guys and this setup is easy, it loads well and looks great on mobile too!

Thanks for sticking with us.  We expect to deliver THE best in free unbiased content and I'm sure you will agree.  Remember that most websites and blogs are owned by some financial guy trying to get you to buy some financial product through them, not here.  Sure, we offer some MP3's, eBooks and few other goodies but we aren't selling stocks, financial advice or insurance.

We have a LinkedIn page which would be a great forum for discussions, so make sure to check LinkedIn here and you can follow Scott Barclay on Twitter here.  You can follow and make comments at Facebook here.

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